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Fueling growth.

Igniting creativity.

torching brand mediocrity.



Misused, it has the ability to wreak havoc.


Properly harnessed, however, fuel has many amazing qualities. It can generate warmth, move us from point A to B and light our way in the dark.​ 

So , too, it goes with marketing.


When not properly tended or ignored, marketing planning and execution is haphazard at best. This means lost opportunities, stagnant sales and market invisibility.

That's where we come in.

we fuel growth and success by planning and executing your most critical marketing activities.

*B2B Content Marketing 2017: Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends—North America, Content Marketing Institute, MarketingProfs.

There are more than 1.2 billion web sites in operation today, and before you finish reading this sentence, more than 100 new websites will be published. And a recent study from the Content Marketing Institute says 76% of B2B marketers are planning to create even more content.


Yet, only 37% of B2B marketers have a content strategy.*

With no plan, how will you compete with those that have tons of resources? What can you do to ensure you are relevant and providing value to your marketplace?

The answer is simple: add some marketing fuel to your organization. 

Our forward-looking process starts with the end in mind then rapidly moves into the critical execution phase.


Furtherthe high-impact marketing activities we undertake will focus on the top 2 or 3 things that will work for your specific organization. Since we monitor these like crazy, if anything needs to be tweaked, we are all over it.

Once things are firing on all cylinders, we hand over the keys.

Yep. We know resources are scarce. That's why our active learning approach enables you to keep as much of your hard-won earnings as possible.

how we help

what's in it for you?

Your organization benefits in a number of ways when adding a little KEROSENE to your marketing mix.



peRfected process

uLtimate control

Instant access to a seasoned team of strategic and creative pros.

Fueled growth via dynamic, action-based marketing plans.

Greater messaging impact that speaks directly to your prospects and customers.

Highly visible campaigns that get results.

Mechanisms to quickly capture product feedback and/or gauge service viability.

A learn-by-doing approach that eliminates analysis paralysis to expedites go-to-market execution.

Campaign monitoring that ensures the good stuff gets a continuous fuel supply.

Turn up the marketing heat, or dial down campaigns. Either way, you're always in control.

As a fluid extension of your business or marketing department, deploy us for small projects or complete campaigns.

No budget surprises. No nonsense. (Well, we're sure to share a few laughs as we collaborate.)



You want action. you need results.

You don't need another white paper with 243 ways to improve your marketing lot in life that will go unread in your inbox until its deleted.

You need something that will make an

That's why we offer Marketing Fuel Fire Sessions as a way to get things started.

No cookie cutter approach here. Ever. These sessions are specific to your organization, and range from  complimentary conversations to candid marketing collateral assessments to a half-day deep dives. 


And in all cases they are built to help you start, fine tune, fix and/or get things going when it comes to marketing.

Learn more and schedule your Marketing Fuel Fire Session.

fuel stops

fuel stops

We've had the privilege of helping a variety of customers since beginning our journey. Hearing your story and fueling your organization's growth is something we look forward to during our ongoing road trip.

"KEROSENE Marketing's ability to quickly understand a future-state business model and rapidly prototype a new website platform allowed senior management and the board to assess and approve the formal exploration of a major digital transformation initiative at our organization."

Garth Jordan

Senior Vice President of Strategy

Healthcare Financial Management Association


if you are...

nonprofit leader

corporate marketer






business owner

performing arts



[basically anyone who markets stuff]

...and value relationships that stand the test of time — built solidly on trust, commitment and performance.


You also recognize that proven and reliable strategies executed by teams of competent professionals — using the most appropriate tools and technologies — is always in fashion.


...there's a pretty good chance we'll have something interesting to talk about.


About us

KEROSENE Marketing is led by Keith R. Chamberlain, whose fire for making things happen started when he was a kid in New York. Besides being a paperboy who saved enough money to pay his own way to London, Keith also earned the rank of Eagle by leading a group of fellow Boy Scouts to assess and rehab dozens of fire hydrants. Keith's passion for leading, planning and execution has never waned.

He's at it again, having assembled a collective of high-performing researchers, creative consultants and other marketing pros to help nonprofits, associations and businesses grow


During his career, Keith has successfully built more than a few marketing departments from the ground up teams that are still busy innovating today. In addition to starting a few businesses, he's also created countless marketing programs to launch and support products, services and resources worth millions of dollars.

Because during the of the run-away train growth of social and digital media, there has been a large departure from essential marketing fundamentals such as planning, integration and consistency


The disciplined application of these critical elements of marketing — especially execution — never goes out of style. Kinda like 80s music.

Meet the KEROSENE Marketing team.

Meet Team Return


Need to get things cooking at your organization? Or have some burning issue you need to get off your chest?  Fire off a note, below.

Got it. We'll be in touch in a flash!

KEROSENE Marketing is 100% spam and smoke free, so your info will never be shared. We won't endlessly pummel your inbox either.

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